Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Realities

Okay, back and ready for action. This past week has been an interesting one, got to tell you, never seen so many kids. Anyhoo, back on subject lets talk books, okay you guys out there, I would love your comments on any of my books. Call it desperation, are any of my book reviews worth reading. (Hope so.)

So without further a-do, I bring you 'The Journal of Curious Letters' by James Dashner. Now he is really a very new author, I came across him by accident really. Let's say Amazon doesn't give the best feel about books. So I wondered the shelves of the book store, and read one of his books. To put it simply, James Dashner is an excellent writer. I can't really compare him to anyone, (maybe J.P. but more intriguing).

You're probably saying, O-KAY. So back on point, 'The Journal of Curious Letters'. Very, very cool read. If you like a lot of mystery then you will love this book. The series of books is called 'The 13th Reality'. Pretty cool huh.

To keep it short and simple (500 page book here) lets begin with main characters. Tick, or his real name is Atticus, he lives a pretty easy life, goes to school, deals with bullies, has a great family. But then something comes in the mail to him all the way from Alaska. He doesn't know anyone in Alaska, but he opens the letter anyway. Inside is a riddle that must be solved, and from the mysterious M.G. there will be twelve other clues. But not just that, these clues will mean the saving of lives, hundreds, maybe thousands if he takes it on. If he decides not to, he must burn the letters and go on about his life.

Well Tick isn't one to give up and quit, so he takes it on. In no time his life is swept away by mysterious happenings, including a Gnat Rat, and many other crazy things. Then comes Mothball and Rutger. (Both hilarious scatterbrains) With each letter the series of events become more dire and he realizes he isn't alone in this.

How many other children out there are going through the same thing? And what are these Realities?

This book is a beautifully written book, and didn't feel as long as how many pages it held. (Good sign for a book, trying reading Moby Dick and not think it's a bore.) I really enjoy Tick's constant worries and fears for his life and that of his family. I am looking forward to reading the next in this series. Until next time...

The Egg Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian

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