Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Absolutely Brillant Read.

Hey guys,

Long time, been a crazy couple of weeks. So I thought it was time to talk about books again. BWAHAHAHA!!! One of my favorite subjects, as everyone knows. So what's going to be chosen today.... hmmmm. I've been jumping around with so many books, I can't seem to keep myself on track, but lets see which book today...


Now this book, Fang by James Patterson was A-MA-ZING. Finally I can say that Mr. Patterson has put the series back on track. I bought the book yesterday, and read it in one sitting. As all of his books are, you are sucked in from the first sentence. If you haven't read this series, then lets keep it simple. Maximum Ride is the main character, and she's sarcastic and witty. Then there's the Flock, consisting of, Fang, her right-wing man, Iggy, bomb explosives expert, Nudge, the human radio, Gazzy, the bomb (hahaha) and Angel, the mind reader and a few others Total, and Akila. (Other time).

Max is supposed to save the world, and now she is on a mission in Africa to help the hungry. But that's when things go from stranger then fiction, to well... strangest. There she meets Dylan another avian-human experiment and the doctor that created him. (Dr. Cleaver) You'll understand when you read why I call him that. Dylan is smitten with Max, but there's one problem, Fang and Max are twitter-patted with one another. So this is it: Max + Fang + Dylan = WHAT?!?

Things start getting tense with the Flock, and an ultimate decision is made when Max finds out from Angel that, 'Fang will be the first to die... and soon...'

All I can say is that I've never screamed, and cried so much. These characters are endearing and they feel so real you almost feel you could reach out and touch them, talk to them. I've never been so impressed in a book series in all my days of book reading. I'm dying for the next book, knowing there is and always will be a sequel to a book that leaves you in a cliff hanger.

So the question is... what does 'HE' know?...

If you read the book, you will understand what that means. Until next time...

The Edd Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian

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