So what this is blog about, who's writing it, and who really cares?

Well I do! My name is Krystle (weird I know) and I have a love for all things books, movies, and writing. So this blog is well... you can guess. I am a full time librarian (that obsesses about having orderly shelves) and a part-time writer. (And no I've never published any of my books, though I want to one day.) Most of my work in writing includes whatever comes out of my head - mystery, intrigue, love, and sci-fi.

I am easily distracted and sometimes have a tendency to forget people's names (okay a lot of the time). But for those few who read my blog... thank you. I'm crazy I know and I'm loving ever minute of my insane life. But you know what they say, 'it's better to be insane and happy, then sane and sad'. (Fine, I just made that up, but come on!) I'm hardly serious, and as some people call me a little hyper when I drink coffee. (You can probably tell I've had a few. HAHAHA!!!) But as an exhausted librarian, I have to keep myself awake till three in the morning sometimes.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy my crazy posts, and sometimes thoughtful ones.