Friday, June 25, 2010

As You Wish...

As You WishNow this book, 'As You Wish' is worth the read. It's been a while since I've read any good books, and to say that this book is worth it means a lot. (Usually after reading a bad book, everything else is bad.) But this book was exceptional. It is very much like Aladdin and the Jeanie in a Lantern from Arabian Nights. (Yes I've read that one too.) But unlike that story it goes into an origin of these people called jinn, or jeanies. But it really has nothing to do with magic in my personal opinion, more like Greece mythology instead.

Anyhoo, Viola is the main character of this story and at first I find her to be very 'self-centered' if that's the word. And finally she makes a wish that grants her a "Jinn". She is his new master and he has no real interest only to get back to where he's from where he doesn't age. Yup, an immortal that ages in our world. But she doesn't want to wish, more like she can't think of a wish good enough to actually do anything that would forever make her feel whole after finding out her love interest isn't interested in her.

But as her first wish is spun by "Jinn" she finds she isn't in love with Aaron (most popular guy in school.). As time continues, she realizes her true affection is for none other then the one serving her, Jinn, and not just that, he returns her feelings. Sadly things turn desperate as the people from his world try to push her to wish, and just as bad for her, if she wishes she will forever forget him.

Talk about a tear jerk-er and ever excellent story. (Only one part I didn't like, but isn't that usual) This is a beautiful story, and I would say anyone over the age of sixteen will enjoy. Though it's not a deep story, it has a lot of good points in it. Not just that I love is the mention of art in the story, something that gives someone a chance to imagine they are drawing in their mind.

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