Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Darkness, Keys, and Creatures

Long time no see. Boy has it been a very long and busy weekend. Still it's been great. book store included. But this week I thought instead of a good love story, of which I noticed I've been writing a lot of reviews for, I've decided to go darker, deeper, and more action.

Bwahahahaha!!!! That's the feeling I got from a very beautiful book I've just read. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. This book has a beautiful sense of self I must say. Unlike so many I've read and believe me when I say that it's quite a few, this one takes de cake.

Now unlike the Tunnels series, which I have just bought the third book of the series, love it. This one is about a prison, not just any prison, a prison that gives life, it deals death, it watches all. Creepy enough, nope not even close! I was sitting in my little bitty dinky apartment wrapped up in my blanket and reading this with a death grip. Every time I read of the eye watching Finn (one of the main characters) a chill went up my spine. This prison... is capital CREEPY.

Unlike most stories I've read it had more then one main character, so you are seeing it from two different perspectives. From Finn who lives Inside the prison and Claudia who lives Outside. Finn wants out, Claudia wants in. This isn't the past, this is the future and by that I mean creams that take wrinkles away and people living to be two hundred years old.

Finn has no memory of his past and knows he must have come from the outside, Claudia has an arranged marriage to the prince. Finn wants to know where he came from, Claudia wants to escape her father's plans. (Let me tell you her father is S.C.A.R.Y.) So what happens next, well... both find a key and each other, both want to know what this key is for, and both want to stop Incarceration and the people who are using it to their advantage before it's too late.

So if you would like to read an amazing mystery, with darkness, thrills and chills, I suggest picking this up and reading it. Well, enjoy your week and I'll be back as soon as I can. Until next time...


The Egg Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian

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