Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Love Stories Still Do EXIST!!!

So another day another dollar. Boy has it been a fun week. Of course the rain won't stop so I've been reading till I literally pass out from exhaustion. Raining... hmmm what to do? Book Review?

So here we are. Today being exceptionally wet, I thought a good love story review would be good. (Picking from about ten books I've read this week.)It is Meg Cabot's book Victoria and the Rogue. I've read many of Meg Cabot's books and was floored that she had done historical fiction to boot. So I ordered this, waited a month, found out my order had been canceled and had to wait another month before it came in. Suffice it to say... it was worth it...

This is a beautifully sweet love story, (with no sex, thank you!) The story revolves around a Duchess and her travel to London where she will be living with her hysterical and large family, the Gardener's, (her aunt and uncle) While on her way from India, having lived her life with three bachelor uncles, she is proposed to by a Duke. Pretty normal...

Victoria's life revolves around sticking her nose into other people's life and managing THEIR affairs. That is until she meets the captain of the 'Harmony'. He constantly unhinges her with his cocky personality, and more then a little blunt answers. She can't manage him to her utter disgust.

With her vast fortune and her plans to wed Duke Hugo, she is completely unnerved when things come to light about her betrothed from a very unsavory captain...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In lot of ways it reminded me of Jane Austen's character Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, but with a less lengthy storyline.

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