Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's been a while since I posted on this site. I thought it was about time. So here we go. I have had quite a time trying to find a good book to read as of late. Trying to find a book that was easy to get into seems to be getting harder and harder. However I finally found a book worth reading. The name is Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

This book was a surprising ride and nothing like the constantly reinvented Cinderella stories we read over and over, or watch over and over again. In this book it has it's own life with light tones of the fairy tale we love.

In this story you meet the well-to-do Cinder, who is a well known mechanic in a world full of androids and cyborgs. Cinder herself is a cyborg and like the cinderella stories has a evil stepmother and two stepsisters, which were necessary and beautifully written into the story. Cinder herself is very believable and a strong heroin you don't seen in books now a-days.Not just that, but the story devulges away from the whole reproduced Cinderella story by including an evil lunar queen bent on marrying the prince that Cinder has fallen for. There are many elements to this book that are rich in detail and intricately placed together to produce a beautiful, highly readable book. I would suggest that everyone that loves good sci-fi, love stories.

Oh and here's a promotional video.

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