Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Great Wall

It's interesting, when you read a little too much you start learning a little too much. Okay, here's a fact for you, did you know that during the building of the Great Wall of China they used rice starch to make the mortar. That stuff is like cement when it dries.
Also, and yes this is the truth, they also used the slaves that built it for the mortar. In some places the wall is barely standing. Such as in the areas of the Gobi Dessert. One of the driest places on earth mind you. The reason for this is because, being the frugal emperor he was knew his people were revolting they ended up making the southern part of the wall with baked bricks. Unfortunately they didn't make it out clay, they made them out of sand. So guess what, they turned to sand and now that's all that left.
So there's an interesting little fact for the day. I got plenty more to go too...
...See you then...

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