Thursday, September 2, 2010


Long time now post... Wow definitely a long time. So for all, I've been out of it for a while, one surgery, two lost job, and three... well that's next month but anyhoo, with no job and surgery keeping me pretty much bed ridden, I've taken to reading. (Thankfully I was smart and actually bought a million books before I was put under the knife.)

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)So what is so interesting that I have to write about it while I'm stuck in bed. This beautiful book called Mockingjay. If you haven't read any of Suzanne Collin's books then I highly recommend them. Her series 'The Hunger Games" is amazing, and takes your breath away from the get go.

After reading the last book 'Mockingjay' I had to sit back and take a breath. It was amazing!!! That's the only word I can find to describe it. It deals with a young girl by the name of Katniss and her life in the Twelfth District. (Too hard to explain that) Anyhow, she is picked from the youth of her district to play in the Hunger Games. In the final book it is like an explosion of action, traumatic stress syndrome, and Katniss's own weaknesses that make for this beautiful, startling, and sometimes gut wrenching story. Unlike a lot of stories where I cry at the end, all I could do is sit there in mute silence for the longest time. It was one of those stories where you realize, man that main character is a lot like me.

Katniss's weaknesses are in a lot of ways her strengths, that's probably why I liked this book so much. Not just that, but one of her love interests Peeta was my absolute favorite of all the side characters. His grace under press was amazing, but I can't tell you any more then that. This is a must read for anyone, girl or guy. It goes contain some gore, so any kid under thirteen or so shouldn't read it. It has no language from what I can remember. So all I can say is .... WOW!


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