Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Book of Five Rings

All my friends think I've gone nuts. Yup that's right - nuts. It must have something to do with all the books on Japan I just bought. (Yeah... maybe that's it.) Anyhoo, I've been having a grand old time reading all about Japan. I call it RESEARCH. It is, but it's more of a hobby. So what book have I read that is so good that I must blog about it.

Well, it's this book.

The Book of Five Rings (The Way of the Warrior Series)
This book, 'The Book of Five Rings' was what I can say is a very interesting book. It was written by none other then Miyamoto Musashi, from my last blog. Yeah, I read the book he wrote and surprisingly it was very insightful into the way of the samurai. It is made up of five scrolls, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Void.

It has interesting ideas of the 'tools of one's trade' as Musashi brings out, and strategy in war, being sure to make up your mind, to understand your enemy, and a lot of other things. It's a very quick read. (Big surprise!)

Though I would only suggest this to people doing research for college or out of enjoyment of history it was very good. Well, until next time...


The Egg Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian

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