Saturday, April 24, 2010


From the first page onward it is like being on a quest. As if suddenly a peaceful feeling is pulling me down, settling me. Unlike the world around me that seems to be on high octane juices, her stories take you away from yourself and away form the fast pace. It sinks you into a fairy tale not unlike stepping through those doors of the Secret Garden for the first time, or opening the doors into Sarah’s world of Little Princess.

And no matter which book I read of hers that same magical stillness and peace sweeps over me like a long lost friend or even a warm blanket on a cold evening. There aren’t words to describe her stories; the way she weaves her words so easily, and without effort that seems to come difficult to everyone I know.

How she does it I have no clue, but no matter how… her stories are beautiful, stories that will become classic’s many years from now. I can only be glad to have lived in this time, to know of her stories and read them and treasure how beautifully done they are. If only people would slow down long enough to read them, not for their action and sexual tension, but to read it for what it is, stories of loss, love, understand, and a sense of peace that so few find, and even fewer see in this world.

And like I said at the beginning, you open her books into a magical world that only she can produce, and no author can imitate.

This book is no different, it revolves around a young princes named Lissar. She has been forever neglected by her beautiful parents and especially her mother. Though she doesn't know it as the years pass the more she starts to look like her mother. And on her fifteenth birthday her mother dies of a mysterious illness, leaving her father half mad. But while the kingdom mourns her mothers passing, she is given a gift from a neighboring countries prince, a fleet-hound, tall and silvery.

But with this comes her father's eyes, and horror as she finds out that she will become the bride of her own father. She escapes, (not without loosing something precious) and hides in a small cabin far into the mountains, where she meets someone that she only knows at The Moonwoman. From what this woman says, 'I will give you time', onward her life starts to ease and she learns the beauty of love, courage and facing her past ghosts, with her beautiful fleet-hound, Ash. 

I can't say it enough, what a beautiful story, and a wonderful author.


The Egg Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian

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