Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Masterful Leviathan

Alright, I've read most of his books and I have finally and I literally mean finally was able to read Scott Westerfeld's new book. This book is absolutely brilliant, but then again he is an amazing writer. This book is beautifully written and ILLUSTRATED! This story centers around two characters Alek and Deryn. Alek is the last son of the Arch-Duke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But in a story that is so much like chess. (A game I highly enjoy.) He must travel great distances from his own home country if he wishes to survive and be crowned emperor.

Unlike most "quote" history stories. Mr. Westerfeld has weaved the impossible in as well. Like I always say, 'Nothing is impossible, just improbable.' From the Mecha to the Darwinist, he has made a masterful story of history and fiction that seems so real you can almost reach into the book and touch it.

I am a huge history buff, so this is by far my favorite steampunk novel.

You would definitely want to set aside a weekend day for this book. I was stupid and started it at night. I couldn't put it down till six in the morning! It started fast, and I loved the solid characters Alek, and Deryn. By far my favorite character is Count Volger (a mind twister he is). *yoda bow*

So if you like history, you like sci-fi, and are a teen book addict, this is a must buy, check-out, or... "borrow" from a friend book.

From Yours Truly,

The Egg Wolfing, Exhausted Librarian


Here are a few of the beautiful illustrations in the book...

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